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Students in Physical Education are provided cognitive content and instruction designed to develop motor skills, knowledge, and behaviors for physical activity and fitness. Activities and skills that students are taught in class will encourage them to be physically active while developing the abilities and confidence they need to be active throughout their lives. The activities that Mrs. Grogg & Mrs. Weeks teach on a daily basis are fun & upbeat while focusing on the importance of the students physical, mental & social well-being.

Student of the month Sept 2023

Plains Elementary Running Club

Running Club Logo

Plains Elementary offers a Spring Running Club for our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students.  During this club, students will stay after school and go on teacher led conditioning runs. The students are trying to work up to running a 5K by the end of the club term.  A group 5K will be offered to the students and their families to participate in at the completion of the club.  

Last year we had 80 students join us for the running club.  We hope to continue to grow the club and teach our students about lifelong physical fitness.

Hot Sox Jump Rope Team

Hot Sox Team Logo

Here is a quick explanation of what the HOT SOX team does from Taylin Sonifrank, a 4th grade student here at Plains and a member of the team:

Hello, this is Taylin from the Hot Sox team. We do a lot of single jumping, long rope, and double dutch (a game in which two long jump ropes turning in opposite directions are jumped by one or more players jumping simultaneously). We perform at J Frank Hillyard Middle School, Broadway High School and some of the colleges. We practice twice a week.

Hot Sox is a lot of hard work but it is really fun! We all celebrate with a picnic at the end of the year!